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Etgi Dil | Tranparent Language Online

Ideal for teachers with classes and students at varying proficiency levels, Transparent Language Online lets teachers create and customize the learning material to meet the goals of their classroom. The integrated assignment and tracking capabilities increase teacher productivity and drive student usage to improve learning outcomes.

Etgi Dil | Tranparent Language Online
Etgi Dil | Tranparent Language Online
  • Organize and manage classes of students.
  • Use the Transparent Language system to “Declaratively Accelerate” your language program.
  • Align pre-existing materials in the system to your curriculum.
  • Create, produce, and assign new, customized learning material. Track and report student activity and progress, including completed tests and assignments.
  • More than 95 languages, including ESL.
  • Free training and support for all teachers and administrators during your subscription period.

Language Lab Ready Solutions

Transparent Language Online contains hundreds of hours of learning material, allowing language labs to provide students with supplemental resources to their classroom activities. Ideal for schools with a language lab coordinator and students wanting to learn a variety of languages, Transparent Language Online can be deployed quickly and easily.

  • Available in over 95 languages, allowing schools to offer multiple languages within one classroom setting.
  • Thousands of supplemental words and phrases.
  • Dozens of learning activities covering all aspects of language, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Mobile applications for additional practice on iOS and Android devices.
Etgi Dil | Tranparent Language Online

Live Instruction & Tutoring

Transparent Connect™ extends traditional online and classroom learning by providing students with access to live, professionally-trained online instructors and tutors. This enhanced learning experience provides students with targeted feedback through small, personalized class sizes. Students will improve language fluency by participating in real-time conversation practice with peers and guest speakers to gain further exposure to the language and culture they are studying. With Transparent Connect, schools can:

  • Offer instruction in more languages, including less-commonly taught languages.
  • Provide online instruction and tutoring servicesto home-taught students or those with special needs.
  • Open online versions of language departmentofferings to assist with scheduling challenges.
  • Integrate online language instruction during short- and long-term classroom teacher absences.
  • Create language exposure and basic instruction programs for elementary and middle schools.
  • Let Transparent Language “Declaratively Accelerate” their language program.
  • Extend their use of technology without incurring new hardware or infrastructure support requirements.